Being a proud local for over a decade, I felt that the area was in desperate need for a change when it came to eating out. As dining options were relatively limited and the majority of what was available ,was not overly healthy and in my opinion, not overly appetizing, I knew that I had an opportunity to make a change. With a wealth of knowledge under me, I put a plan together to create a relaxed, friendly environment where customers are welcomed to enjoy a vast array of well prepared meals. The benefits for me from years of working in high end establishments is that I had learnt that food does not need to be expensive or complicated to be enjoyable. I believe that customers should be able to experience fresh and healthy meals, using quality ingredients whilst still being affordable.


I needed to change the perception that 'fast food' was bad food


Over the years we have learnt to adapt to the growing needs of all of our customers. We offer a large variety of meals for those with specific dietary requirement. Regardless of your dietary needs, whether you may be dairy intolerant, a Celiac, Vegetarian, or if you have any other special food requirement we have something for you. If it is not on the menu, our dedicated chefs will always do what they can to accommodate you.

This is what sets us miles apart from our competition,. We take great pride in what we serve. From the beginning at the time of production, to when it goes onto your plate. We take time and care to produce quality products, and as they say 'the proof is in the pudding'. We hand select all of produce from the local markets on a daily basis, we also utilise that we have an outstanding butcher in the centre who provides us with A grade meat and poultry.

We now make almost 95% of our menu items either in-house, otherwise it is sourced fresh from our local suppliers. To name a few items,  we make the sauces on your burgers, bread and pizza dough, pasta dough (our pasta is hand rolled, bread crumbs, all of our meat and seafood is portioned and prepared in store, potato scallops and we even cut and peel our own potato chips.

"I have a strong belief that food is much healthier and so much more tastier when it prepared fresh and has been processed and / or bought in."




Roasted Zuccini
Farmers Market
Russet Potato Pile
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